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Server SSH protects and helps your internet speed

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Our server unblocks your ISP internet free access to any site

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Our vision

Our vision is to build a fast and secure internet connection for everyone without feeling limited in speed and privacy by the ISP provider they use provides some incredible possibilities. Our servers are of high quality with unlimited bandwidth using KVM virtualization.

Our mission is to provide cheap and even free internet connection to everyone around the world by providing high speed SSH tunneling and VPN tunneling.

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Strong and stable servers Server

developed by experienced people in their field

Beautiful ecosystem server designed to make your surfing productivity on the internet extraordinary.


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The amazing team

Heather Wright

Back End Developer

Monroe Parker

Back End Developer

John Sullivan

Front End Developer

James Lewis

Vice Chairman

Danielle Levin

Sales Manager

Martin Gray

UI/UX Designer

George Squier

Marketing Executive

Jesse Stevens

Ads Manager