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Openvpn Webscoket

Support websocket connection.

Openvpn TCP

Support TCP protocol connection.

Openvpn UDP

Support UDP protocol connection.

Openvpn Server Detail

Hostname sg2vpn.domain.com
TCP Port 1194
UDP Port 25000
OHP Support 2087
Squid Proxy 8080
Badvpn 7000, 7100, 7200 to 7900
Active 3 Days

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Encrypted 1024 - 2048 bit VPN

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Openvpn active period for 3 days.

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Openvpn active period for 7 days.

Openvpn 30 days

Openvpn active period for 30 days.

Features of OpenVPN

OpenVPN supports DHCP and dynamic IP addresses, which can achieve better anonymity when you browse the Internet.

The TCP tunneling support on the OpenVPN protocol provides you with many benefits. It includes seamless online games, video conferencing, audio conferencing, etc.

All your communications are kept secure through various methods, such as shared keys, HMAC authentication, and 256-bit encryption via OpenSSL.

OpenVPN can run on any port between 1 and 65535. This multi-port capability makes OpenVPN an ideal tunneling protocol to bypass firewalls.

The PFS function in OpenVPN adds an extra layer of security. Therefore, you can obtain complete confidentiality and data integrity.

OpenVPN is more portable than other protocols. After all, it is implemented in user space and does not require any kernel components other than the TUN/TAP virtual network driver.